hardcore partying with big tits

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie......
Unusually for us, myself, Mrs Richard and our Saturday night friends N & L ventured out last night. I know - get us being all 'Saturday night gad-abouts'.
It was L's birthday; not a special one, but she is now old enough for every birthday to be a precious thing, 'just in case'. So our Saturday evening was spent in a restaurant adjacant to the local garden centre and a very nice meal we had there too. I thoroughly enjoyed my mixed vegitable soup, breast of chicken with spring onion mash and tirimasu (not on the same plate I must add).

But the entertainment......DEAR GOD!

A couple of ropey old birds, trussed up in satin and feathers singing ABBA tunes. It started badly and went rapidly downhill. We've still not yet managed to understand quite why they insisted on singing 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' would be Hardcore Partying times, when their entire set consisted of only 12 songs.
At one point I escaped to the beer garden and ensconced myself on a wooden barrel and had a sneaky fag, to be joined by a couple of very well spoken pensioners.

Man "What do you think?"
Woman "The brunette loves herself a bit doesn't she"
ME "Laugh"
Woman "Oh - I'm sorry, she's not your wife or anything is she?"
ME "No don't worry, I know that you mean - we're engaged, getting married in June"
Man & Woman "SILENCE"
ME - sniggering and rushing back to my table to get hopelessly drunk. Which I did, in abundance. I even got up to dance, throwing Big Tits and making moves which dazzled all about me. I was on fire!

However by the time I got home - I was on the toilet; continually